Johnson Marine choose new fleet of HS Marine Cranes

November 23rd 2016

We are delighted to supply Johnson Marine with a new fleet of 7 HS Marine cranes, the first ones to arrive on Shetland.

Under our subsidiary company GS Marine, we are please to be providing a new fleet of 7 HS Marine cranes to Johnson Marine in Vidlin. They became aware that GS Marine Ltd were the agents for HS Marine products at the Aqua UK event in Aviemore and subsequently began discussions to find out the best solution for their marine lifting operations.

Johnson Marine were already aware of the build quality and reputation of HS Marine cranes but were particularly drawn to the fact that we could also provide local ongoing support, spares and maintenance services. In addition, the industry expertise in the aquaculture industry proved to be a significant factor in their decision.

They opted for 7 cranes in total: 5 AK7NE2 models and 2 larger AK34/15.8HE4 models for their heavier operations. The first cranes are due to arrive in Shetland in mid-December with the remaining cranes following shortly after the new year.

Johnson Marine are an aquaculture service company based in Vidlin providing wellboat operations and onsite harvesting and net washing.